Cheap hotels in Copenhagen

Have you planned a visit to the Danish capital Copenhagen, then you should know that there is fiercely competition between the hotels.

Prices have never been lower at the Copenhagen hotels, you can get accommodations to less than 150 Danish kroner. The increased competition is due primarily many new gigantic hotels in the Copenhagen area and in Ørestaden. The result of the increased competition is lower prices when booking hotel rooms.

Finding a cheap hotel room in Copenhagen

You should first make up your mind whether you are looking for a basic overnight accommodation or whether you are looking for luxury.
There are new discount hotels, such as CabInn and Zleep Hotels, but watch out they’re actually not always as cheap as you might think. The competition has forced many of the traditional hotels to lower their prices, you will therefore often get more value for money if you avoid the discount hotels.

Use the different pricing portals, such as, where you find really good search capabilities. You can search by price, star rating, location and user rating.

You’ll save money when you arrange your hotel stay yourself, it’s cheaper than buying a package of Wonderful Copenhagen.